Redefining Senior Safety

using Social Media.

Everyone is a Loved One with SmartWalk.

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Safe, Connected . . . No Subscription


SmartWalk™ wearables redefine senior safety with fall detection, GPS, and Alzheimer'sAlerts™ notifications using texting, Facebook and

Your caregiver network just got a lot bigger . . . at no cost.

Pre-order today at a special price.

Rechargeable, Light Weight, Easy to Use . . . SmartWalk Products come with no instructions. Just use them, or wear them. They do all the work. The mobile app is easy to set up and use, if you have questions just ask a friend or loved one. 

iStand Walking Cane (no SmartWalk™ technology) Ships Christmas 2017.  Pre-order today at a special price.

The SmartWalk™ Walking Cane ships Early 2018.


The Cane


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Like SmartWalk™, Install for Falls™ products reduce fall risk,

and are beautifully designed for your home.



The Hearing Aid

Coming in 2018 . . . 


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