What is SmartWalk

What is the difference between the SmartWalk cane and the iStand cane?

Simple. SmartWalk, we have the technology.  iStand, No Technology.

iStand Walking Cane ships November 2017.  

The SmartWalk™ Cane ships Early 2018.

SmartWalk™ Recap . . .


    • Text Alerts:
      • Your loved ones will get text alerts when your device (cane, hearing aid, smart watch) detects a fall or you've gotten lost
      • You can to cancel false positives with the push of a button
    • Alzheimer'sAlerts™ and Fall alerts through FaceBook and NextDoor.com***:
      • Your neighbors will get Alzheimer'sAlerts™ through NextDoor.com (if they request these Notifications) when a memory-impaired individual has left their radius wearing or using a SmartWalk product.
      • Your Facebook Friends will get fall alerts or Alzheimer'sAlerts™ notifications when they elect  to receive Notifications from you through your Facebook page.
    • "Out of Range" alerts (vibrations/beeping)
      • When SmartWalk and your cell phone have lost connection, SmartWalk products and your phone will beep and vibrate when you are out of range prompting you to keep them close in case of a SmartWalk emergency.
    • GPS locator - locate the user through our SmartWalk mobile app.

Next comes our SmartWalk™ Hearing Aid (2018).

Same features, no subscription.


The Possibilities Are Endless . . . 

. . . What SmartWalk can fit into.  We hope to bring these to you soon . . .