What is SmartWalk

iStand Walking Cane is available now in our Shop, and ships early December 2017 in time for Christmas.  

The iStand Cane with SmartWalk™ ships Mid 2018.

The founder and CEO of WhatBox Inc., Mazy Holiday, knew that she would need a walking cane to aid in her chronic arthritis and fatigue. None of the doctors she saw could identify the root cause. "There were some days I could not walk at all, and at my worst I was sleeping 15 hours a day." She wanted a cane that would answer to her specific needs for joint pain and one that would address aesthetics as well. 

Educated at SVA in sculpture, she drew the first picture of the iStand cane with pencil and paper in 2009. As technology advanced, so has the iStand walking cane. iStand is flexible and practical while retaining beauty and style through it's modern design and materials. 

Today, WhatBox Inc. has a state-of-the-art product that fulfills the needs of an emerging civilization.

Next comes our SmartWalk™ Hearing Aid (2018).

Same features, no subscription.


The Possibilities Are Endless . . . 

. . . What SmartWalk can fit into.  We hope to bring these to you soon . . .