SmartWalk™ Cane - (Ships Spring 2018)

SmartWalk™ Cane - (Ships Spring 2018)

99.00 149.00

The SmartWalk™ Cane comes in two color schemes. The Black/White for the ultimate style, and the more conservative all Cream. All canes come with a nickel-finish, flexible shaft, and the SmartWalk technology you've  been waiting for.  SmartWalk comes with NO SUBSCRIPTION COST, stay connected to your entire network of family, friends and neighbors for free. SmartWalk uses your existing social media network to keep you safe by sending automatic alerts to Facebook and and through texting to any of your loved-ones that you wish.  SmartWalk also keeps you connected to your smartphone - if you walk off without your phone, both SmartWalk devices and your smartphone beep and vibrate to alert you. All SmartWalk alerts come with the user's GPS location so you can find them quickly and call help if needed. There is also a cancel button for false alarms, and a group-texting feature to let everyone know you're all right.

Light weight and easy to use, SmartWalk is affordable answer you've been waiting for.  

Height Options: 32, 34, 36 inches